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Description about Firefox 24.0:

    Mozilla Firefox is a favorite browser in this ever-changing scene. Firefox was launched in late 2004, and now it has been constantly increasing its popularity in terms of global usage when compared to the top web browser, Internet Explorer (IE).
    Firefox has overall versatility, and it is continuous improvement. Since early 2011, Firefox has been releasing, what they call, Rapid Releases, hence we can look forward to seeing several new Firefox versions in the later years.
    One of Firefox’s features is the synchronization which also likes many other major internet browsers. You can sync your browsing to access your history, bookmarks, passwords, and more on your mobile browsers or desktop. The browser also has tabbed browsing enabling you fast navigate among websites in a single window. You can rearrange tabs, put them on customizable groups using the Panorama function and redo function if you close random tabs.
    The browser is also easier and quicker thanks to a handful of convenience features. The find-on-page function is sleek and not infringe, enabling you to easily search a word or phrase on a particular web. Firefox puts the function right on the bottom of the browser therefore you don’t have to solve a pop-up window. The internet browser also has feature a voice interaction add-on, allowing you to browse the internet via simple voice commands.
    Firefox is a good browser for performing research online of college students and other individuals. Mozilla has developed a feature unique to Firefox, is virtual sticky notes. You can add individual notes to specific web and access them via the toolbar. You can also access your archived browsing history, saved bookmarks and pinned apps. The “pin as app tab” function lets you save regularly visited websites – think Facebook or your web-based email as icons on the toolbar. In this way, it’s easy to access them without opening a new tab.
    The browser’s innovative Smart Location Bar will make you easy to return to web pages you've previously visited, even if you don't remember the exact . It also helps you find sites thanks to titles and content. Firefox also composes form complete, a pop-up blocker, a password manager and parental controls. Another feature is the drag-and-drop functionality let you drag a link or text from anywhere on a web page and put it rightly into your search bar.
    Firefox doesn’t have a few features, composes thumbnail previews and mouse gestures, or mouse movements that represent specific shortcuts because these features maybe not essential. You can also install extensions compatible with Firefox that allow to mouse gestures and voice interaction.


Technical: Firefox 24.0

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Title: Firefox 24.0
Filename: Firefox Setup 24.0.exe
File size: 21.66MB (22,710,720 bytes)
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Languages: en-US
License: Open Source
Date added: September 17, 2013
Author: Mozilla Organization
MD5 Checksum: 7AFD94E74CC5A9C58189A747F5F4118D

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